[Block 101×TokenClub Live Streaming Series 91] At 8 pm on September 1st (Tuesday), DODO co-founder & DeFi Labs founder Dai Dai, MC Qian Jiangyue, and BNB48 Club chairman lan will have a live broadcast on TokenClub and chat Binance Smart Chain: Stake, IDO and DeFi! Watch more live broadcasts, all at TokenClub.

Block 101, please listen to the question. “Block 101” is a live dialogue program launched by Binance New Media Marketing Team, hosted by Jiayi, Luna, Liuliu, Yingge, Sisi, Qiqi, Doris and others in turn. Here will invite entrepreneurs in the industry, investment giants, opinion leaders, trading giants or ordinary people with stories. Every Monday to Friday, I will meet you in the TokenClub live room.

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