TokenClub Bi-Weekly Report — Issue 112(4.06–4.19)

Hello everyone, thank you for your continued interest and support. In the past two weeks, various tasks of TokenClub have been progressing steadily. The product development and community operation progress this week are as follows:

1. TokenClub Events

1)New user registration TokenClub shares 10,000TCT

With the launch of the new English version of TokenClub, TokenClub launched a new user registration (old users invite new users) to share 10,000 TCT community activities, the activities began on April 13, is still in progress, welcome friends to participate.

2)The second session of the guessing contest ended successfully

Dear TokenClub friends, the second phase of the guessing competition has ended successfully this week. All rewards will be issued in a unified manner next week. Please pay attention to your account. Congratulations to all the winning partners, and thank you all for your support of TokenClub! The following is the list of winners of this event:

3),To introduce TokenClub ecological partners

In order to better expand the brand and influence of the blockchain, TokenClub intends to introduce a number of domestic and foreign professional institutions from wallets, high-quality projects, project channel dealers, exchanges, games and other domestic and foreign institutions as ecological partners. Partners work together to carry out extensive cooperation in blockchain brand management, information distribution, investor education, media services, and blockchain operations. At present, TokenClub is discussing specific cooperation plans with several professional institutions, so stay tuned.

4)English interface optimization for iOS APP

In order to improve the global user experience, TokenClub developers have recently completed the optimization of the English version of the iOS version of the APP. Currently, the APPstore update has been uploaded. Friends can search for “TokenClub” in the APPStore to download the APP and experience the various functions of TokenClub in the English interface.

5) Bilaoye became the first official owner of the mustard circle

On April 10, TokenClub’s mustard circle from the media’s Bilaoye became the first batch of official cooperation circle owners, and also the first batch of ecological cooperation analysts certified by the mustard circle. In the future, we will reach strategic cooperation in many fields such as brand, traffic, and content, and contribute to the healthy development of the industry. Welcome everyone to join the grandmother currency mustard circle, get the exclusive analysis of grandma currency.

6)BTC Grandpa joins the mustard circle to protect user privacy

On April 16, TokenClub’s own media Bilaoye, as the head of the mustard circle, actively responded to the mustard circle’s protection of user privacy and jointly defended the industry environment.

7)Bilaoye is invited to be guest OKOK AMA column “OK Jianghulu”

On April 17, TokenClub’s self-media Bilaoye was invited by OK to be the guest of his AMA column “OK Jianghulu”. The Bilaoye shared the market analysis and trends; what is the impact of global finance and epidemic on the future economy and currency circle; Frequent fluctuations of giant whales are not opportunities for Tuncoin; Bitcoin circle Bitcoin beliefs and investment experience.

2.TokenClub Live

1) Summary

Recently, Chen Shengfeng, Chief Economist \ Chief Investment Officer of Huisheng Financial Corporation, Professor of New York University, Visiting Professor of Harvard University, and Co-founder of New York Financial Forum (NYFF) Dean of the Department, Founder and CEO of Usechain-Cao Huining; Founder and Dean of CBX Research Institute, Blockchain and Encrypted Digital Assets Industry Researcher, MBA from University of Texas (Austin), Master of Science and Technology University of China Gu Yanxi; TokenClub Overseas Social Leader Fero;and senior expert of TokenClub blockchain and cryptocurrency investment strategy-Zaoshen talks about blockchain with you ~

On April 10th, the TokenClub live column-”Professor” has about “The twenty-first issue sharing theme is:” Rui Xing thunder, the epidemic is out of control, where is the global economy going? “. In this issue, Professor Cao invited the chief economist of Huisheng Finance, the manager of the macro hedge fund and the professor of New York University, Kaifeng Chen, to share and discuss the current epidemic situation in the United States, the impact of the epidemic on the global economy, and how the blockchain will develop after the epidemic , Did a detailed exchange analysis. What kind of sparks of opinion collided with the dialogue collision between masters? There is an answer in the live room.

On April 11th, Zao Shen, who is tireless in making money and never stops making profits, is online! The theme of this live broadcast is: “Do you think what you think is what you think?” Zao Shen treats us through the phenomenon to see the essence, Zao Shen has carried out path dependence, A shares, US stocks, global macroeconomics and various markets. Detailed analysis. For more exciting content, please move to the live room.

On April 17, the professor has an appointment! In this issue, Professor Cao Huining talks with the founder and dean of the CBX Research Institute, a blockchain and encrypted digital asset industry researcher, and the University of Texas (Austin) MBA-Gu Yanxi. “Global progress of the chain” as the center, talked about topics such as the central bank’s digital currency, libra, monetary policy, the application of digital fiat currency and the trading platform. What kind of views sparked by the dialogue collision between masters? There is an answer in the live room.

Fero, a senior overseas analyst on Saturday and the head of TokenClub ’s overseas social network, conducted a live text of bitcoin and cryptocurrency technical analysis. Fero expressed its views on the bull market and its judgment on future market trends through real analysis There is also real-time translated content during the live broadcast, please look back.

On Saturday, Zaoshen published two major events, the DECP and the BSN service network white paper issued by the central bank, specifically analyzed the global economic environment and the future development route of the domestic economy, and discussed the impact of national policies on the domestic economic situation and currency circle from a national strategic perspective , Hot facts deserve careful listening to interpretation of Zao Shen.

3.TokenClub operation data

-Live data: 6 live broadcasts in the past two weeks, with over 250,000 views. TokenClub hosted a total of 778 live broadcasts with a total of 43.22 million views.

-Binary trade data: In the past two weeks, guess the rise and fall to participate in a total of 4010 times, the amount of participation exceeded 1.95 million TCT. At present, it is guessed that the rise and fall function has participated in a total of 1.11 million times, with a cumulative participation amount of 493 million TCT.

-Chat data: In the past two weeks, a total of 31,608 messages have been generated. A total of 4.78 milliom messages have been launched since the function was launched.

-Mini-game data: The mini-game has participated in a total of 7,029 times in the past two weeks. A total of 1,65 million self-functions have been online.

-Cut leeks game data together: Since the game was launched, the total number of user participation in the game was 933,921 TCT total consumption was 6,27 million gift certificate total consumption was 14,9 million and TCT mining output was 155,792.

-TokenClub KOL data: Over the past two weeks, the total reading volume of the BTCGrandpa article has been viewed by more than 250,000 people.

-Social media data: At present, the number of Weibo official accounts is 17,823 and the number of Twitter followers is 1291, and we have opened the official Medium account this week, welcome to follow.

-Telegram official group data: In the past 2 weeks, there were 322 chats in the group, and the total number of Telegram official groups is currently 2844.

Medium data: Medium official account @TokenClub has published 3 excellent articles, official announcements and updates are published in English, welcome to follow.


1)Overseas community

TokenClub held an event for guessing ups and downs and registering new users for overseas users. At the same time, it invited Fero, the head of the overseas social network, to broadcast a live broadcast on the technical analysis of the Bitcoin and crypto markets, which was appreciated by friends. With the recent bitcoin rebound, overseas users are more active in the telegram group, and some partners are more concerned about aggregation exchanges, APP optimization, and next development plans. The administrator responded in time in the group.

2)Domestic Community

As the market stabilized, the two community conferences at Leek Paradise also proceeded as usual. At the meeting, we discussed recent hot topics and expressed our opinions, including epidemic-related news and the future trend of the currency circle. Many familiar friends Actively participating in it and expressing their opinions. The conference was held in a lively atmosphere. During the period, members sent TCT red envelopes many times to mobilize the enthusiasm of members and let everyone participate. The president ’s big red envelope was even more Unanimously praised and achieved the expected results, so far, the conference ended successfully.

This week, our chat mining rewards activity continued, and the mining activity has been held for more than a year. It is mainly for the daily red envelope rewards for the small partners who are usually active in the community. Partners received red envelopes, congratulations!

The second week of the second 100-day fixed investment plan held this week has been completed. The participation of this event is still quite positive. At the same time, the current currency market is at a low stage. I believe that with the correct cycle investment strategy Will bring unexpected benefits to everyone.

This week, Sweet Orange Club continued its daily Good Morning Red Envelope event, as well as promoting the live content of TokenClub. At the same time, the community is also transmitting the correct investment concepts and strategies for everyone. In the future, Sweet Orange Club will work harder. Finally, thank you for your long-term support and attention to Sweet Orange Club ~

The volunteer community supports TokenClub with actions and continues to vote for TCT. In the last month, we have doubled our coins together, and we look forward to your joining!

Thank you for reading our article and supporting us. Our activities will continue..

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