TokenClub Bi-Weekly Report — Issue 125(10.05–10.18)

Hello everyone, thank you for your continued interest and support. In the past two weeks, various tasks of TokenClub have been progressing steadily. The product development and community operation progress this week are as follows:

1. TokenClub Events

1)Binance Opens BEP20 Deposits and Withdrawals for TCT

Binance has opened BEP20 (Binance Smart Chain) deposits and withdrawals for TCT.Please note: BEP20 represents a token standard on Binance Smart Chain. Please ensure that you do not input an ERC20 address as a BEP20 withdrawal address. Please do NOT deposit via cross-chain transfer from Binance Chain directly into the BSC deposit address. It will not be credited to your account. Please make sure to select the intended network when trying to deposit and withdraw each asset.

2)Technical interpretation of the mystery of computing power when Filecoin mainnet goes live” broadcast on TokenClub

Cointelegraph’s Chinese column “Technical Interpretation of the Mystery of Computing Power When Filecoin Mainnet Launches” will be broadcast simultaneously on TokenClub at 19:00 on October 15. The guests participating in this live broadcast include Li Xin, CTO of the Force Zone of IPFS, Mao Bisheng, co-founder and CTO of Star Alliance, Shang Silin, President of Mars Cloud Mine, and Tracy, Chinese Commercial Director of Cointelegraph.

3)”What’s the next big thing for the big block ecosystem of Bitcoin SV” live broadcast held at TokenClub

“What’s the next big thing for the big block ecosystem of Bitcoin SV” live broadcast was successfully held at TokenClub at 11 o’clock on October 16th. Roark Group founder Sky and Bitcoin Association founding chairman Jimmy Nguyen are the live guests.

2.TokenClub Live

1) Summary

Recently, Roark Group founder Sky, Jimmy Nguyen-Bitcoin Association Founding President, Demian Lee-CMO at NCT token, Jenny-Co-founder of Blockcast, Tascha-Project Lead, Nipun-Lead Blockchain Engineer, Eric Chen-Injective Protocol co-founded People and CEO, Chief Executive Officer Qiu Daochang, ZB Group Commercial Director Jessica, IPFS Force Zone CTO Li Xin, Star Alliance Co-founder and CTO Mao Bisheng, Mars Cloud Mine President Shang Silin, Cointelegraph Chinese Commercial Director Tracy, District Blockchain investor Simona, Binance OTC Business Leader CoCo, Binance Investment Director JX, Binance New Media Marketing Manager 77, and TokenClub Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Investment Strategy Senior Expert Zao Shen talk to you about the blockchain~

On October 9th, Demian Lee (CMO at NCT token) had a conversation with Jenny (Co-founder of Blockcast). During the live broadcast, Jenny gave a comprehensive introduction to the ecology of nct and the value of information flow.

On October 10, Zao Shen arrived as scheduled. Trump’s infection with COVID-19 caused the market to fall, but it ushered in a reversal three days later. What kind of “conspiracy” is behind this? Zao Shen will tell you in detail.

On October 14th, Coco, the head of Binance OTC business, had a conversation with Binance Investment Director JX and Alpha Tascha and Nipun. JX, Alpha Tascha, and Nipun shared details of Alpha’s project and the advantages of Binance Smart Chain in the live broadcast.

On the same day, Jessica, Commercial Director of ZB Group, had a conversation with Bashaba CEO Qiu Daozhang & Blockchain Investor Simona. On the eve of Filecoin’s mainnet launch, three guests jointly analyzed price expectations for you!

On October 15, Binance New Media Marketing Manager 77 had a conversation with Eric Chen (co-founder and CEO of Injective Protocol). Aiming at the current hot DeFi, Eric turned his attention to the fully decentralized derivative DEX.

On the same day, Cointelegraph Chinese Commercial Director Tracy had a conversation with IPFS Force Zone CTO Li Xin & Star Alliance Co-founder and CTO Mao Bisheng & Mars Cloud Mine President Shang Silin. When the Filecoin mainnet is launched, three guests will explain the mystery of its computing power for you .

On October 16, the founder of Roark Group had a conversation with Jimmy Nguyen (Founding President, Bitcoin Association). During the live broadcast, Jimmy Nguyen brought his insights on the ecosystem of the BSV big block。

On October 17, Zao Shen came ~ The theme of this live broadcast: “The epidemic is escalating again, the market is very naughty”. As the global epidemic intensified this week, everyone was thinking about a certain star. Behind the concern, I believe everyone was a little panicked. Today, God Zao and you analyzed the black swan incident and what happened in the past two weeks and analyzed it. How to deal with it? Don’t miss out on dry goods.

2.TokenClub operation data

-Live broadcast data: In the past two weeks, there have been 8 live broadcasts with over 300,000 views. TokenClub held a total of 1055 live broadcasts, with a total of 51.05 million views.

-Guessing the ups and downs data: Guess the ups and downs in these two weeks and participated in a total of 6612 has participated in about 1.163million times, and the cumulative participation amount is about 312 million TCT.

-Chat data: A total of 6321 messages were generated during these two weeks of chat. About 4.95million messages have been launched since the function.

-Mini-game data: This week the mini-games participated 829 times. About 1.674 million times since the function was launched.

-Game data of cutting leek together: Since the game went online, users have participated in 1,071,782 games, total TCT consumption is about 6.28 million, total gift certificate consumption is about 18.46million, and TCT mining total output is 174,808TCT.

-TokenClub KOL Grandma’s data: The accumulated readings of Grandma’s articles + Weibo in the past two weeks have been viewed by more than 250,000 times.

-Social media data: At present, the official Weibo account has 19,442 followers and Twitter 23,506 followers.

-Telegram official group data: 1656 chats in the group in the past 2 weeks. The total number of Telegram official groups is currently 24,432.

-Medium: Medium official account @TokenClub, official announcements and updates are published in English, welcome to follow.


1)Overseas community

The live broadcast this week has become more diversified. Last week Binance also launched the recharge and withdrawal services of the BEP20 network of TCT tokens. At the same time, the activity of overseas community users remains active. Many small partners are interacting in the community. The TokenClub team has also received recognition and support from many friends. We will also do this week for the future plans that overseas communities care about. Update is out. We will carry out more activities in the future, please pay more attention.

2),Domestic community

Leek Paradise

Mid-Autumn Festival National Day

Hello everyone, it coincides with the double festival. Leek Paradise is here to send everyone the best wishes. The market has not been tepid in the past two weeks, but you can take a rest during this time and don’t have to focus too much on the rise and fall of currency prices. On the previous page, I have time to spend more time with my family and friends. The mining fever has gradually cooled down. It depends on how the market chooses the direction. You can leave some funds and be prepared. Yesterday in the Leek Paradise community group, the ambassadors sent out red envelopes. Everyone By participating in it and having fun, our goal has been achieved. Let us look forward to the next gathering together.

71–72 Community Conference

The Leek Paradise Community Conference was held as scheduled. After the conference started, red envelopes were sent out one by one, and the number of friends who were chatting slowly increased a lot. Although the recent market is not good, you can see that everyone is still as enthusiastic as ever. The National Day + Mid-Autumn Festival is also here. During the holidays, everyone, eat, drink, have fun, return safely, and spend more time with their families. Let us look forward to the market performance in the future. We will see you at the next conference.

Leek Paradise Reading Club

1. The number of reading clubs is increasing, and there are already 650 people. We are constantly growing and we are always waiting for everyone to join us.

2. The reading club currently has 5 modules, namely:

  • Financial classic reading module, which continues the previous habit of reading financial classics by ambassadors on the planet. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, three ambassadors continue to learn classics.
  • Fitness communication module, the body is the capital of the revolution. No matter what you do, it is the same. Therefore, we attach great importance to the improvement of our own physical fitness. We check in, communicate, and explore suitable fitness methods together.
  • OTC money-making module, here we explore all kinds of ways to make money.
  • Daily chat module, everyone can speak freely here.
  • Investment practice record, It mainly records the group owner’s own thinking, actions and reflections on investment practice.

3. In order to facilitate everyone’s learning, we have summarized all the content read, welcome to scan the QR code to get it.

4. I was a little tired in the past two weeks, so I wrote less, but I am still paying attention to the market and future trends. Everyone is welcome to read.

6. In order to facilitate everyone’s learning, we also have an official account, which will regularly push some of the latest thoughts and discussions on investment. Welcome everyone to pay attention.

Daily activities

In addition to the above activities, this week we are also promoting the promotion of TokenClub APP, TokenClub official Weibo and TCTGames public account! In addition, our usual daily activities are also ongoing. Welcome community friends to participate……

Leek Paradise continues to exert its strength from the media’s Bihu account and official account. Leek Paradise WeChat group is the main position for community media to attract and cultivate new fans. New people continue to join in and understand. At present, it mainly attracts traffic through media such as Paradise Official Account and Bihu Account !

Sweet Orange Club Weekly News

This week ushered in the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day. The community also prepared red envelope rain for the friends to celebrate this happy holiday with everyone.

100-day fixed investment activity (Phase 2)

The 12th week of the second 100-day fixed investment plan held this week has been distributed, and the fixed investment has come to a new week. This week, with the recovery of DeFi popularity, Bitcoin and the mainstream ushered in a round of rise. Bitcoin has risen to more than 11,000 US dollars many times. In terms of strategy, it is still recommended that you make a fixed investment on lows and sell on highs. Finally, I hope everyone will join our fixed investment activities together~ I hope everyone can grasp this wave of dividends.

Daily activities

This week, the Orange Club will continue to carry out the daily Good Morning Red Envelope activities and promote the live broadcast of TokenClub. The community is also spreading the correct investment concepts and strategies for everyone. The Orange Club will work harder in the future. Finally, thank you all for your long-term support and attention to the Orange Club~

Fortune and Freedom Academy Bi-weekly Report

a. Red envelope party.

On September 26 and October 03, TCT Wealth and Freedom Academy held red envelope party activities as scheduled to keep community members active. In the event, in addition to the distribution of red envelopes, friends are also encouraged to continue to pay attention to Zaoshen live broadcast information.

b. Sign in the lottery.

On the evening of September 20th and September 27th, TCT Fortune and Freedom Academy held the 70th and 71st week sign-in lottery, and rewarded the generous TCT partners who insisted on signing-in. Lucky friends got TCT ranging from 30–140.

Business meeting

Once in 60 years, on the same day of National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, the community leaders issued red envelopes for joy. Happy Double Festival😁❤

The TCT Business Meeting will be connected with partner institutions, and it has successfully concluded in September. The report is as follows:

Digital currency industry services

The community has provided digital currency industry services for partners, and has provided service operations for 109 days so far. The service fee paid by the partners is calculated according to September, such as exchange based on the current TCT price ($0.055).

The number of project revenue exchanged for tct is 1.44 million, and the cumulative service fee has been 3,069,440 so far.

TCT has been listed on Binance、Okex、、ZB-M、MXC、Biki、Coinex、BigOne、Coinbene、Cybex、SWFT、Loopring、Rootrex etc.

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