TokenClub Bi-Weekly Report — Issue 128(11.16–11.29)

Hello everyone, thank you for your continued interest and support. In the past two weeks, various tasks of TokenClub have been progressing steadily. The product development and community operation progress this week are as follows:

1. TokenClub Events

1)”The Value and Potential of DeFi and NFT on BSC” conference aired on TokenClub

At 6 pm on November 17, “The Value and Potential of DeFi and NFT on BSC” was successfully broadcast on TokenClub. Bestswap CMO Gigi and Bounce co-founder Ryan attended the meeting.

2)Cointelegraph Chinese HUB LIVE is held at TokenClub

At 19:00, November 19 (Thursday), Cointelegraph’s Chinese HUB LIVE “DAVE-How to Use Blockchain to Solve Quantum Entanglement Between Data” was successfully held at TokenClub. CyberVein Foundation Global Strategy Secretary Jesse and Cointelegraph Chinese Business Director Tracy participated in this live broadcast. This meeting discussed the close cooperation between CyberVein and DAVE Alliance, and explained DAVE’s data processing technology in detail.

3)”CTC HUB: BitWell-Reshaping the New Boundary of Crypto Derivatives Platform” live broadcast held at TokenClub

The latest issue of the Cointelegraph Chinese HUB invited Jeff Young, the global CEO of BitWell, to explain in detail how Bitwell optimizes the digital asset derivatives platform, and explores the future development of the exchange track with BitWell CEO Jeff who has been working on the product track for ten years! The guests at the conference included BitWell global CEO, Block Vision Capital founder Jeff Young, and Cointelegraph Chinese Business Director Tracy.

2.TokenClub Live

1) Summary

Recently, LinkedIn co-founder and Hub founder Eric Ly, Cointelegraph Chinese co-founder and CEO Vadim, Amber Group founder and CEO Michael Wu, BitWell global CEO, Block Vision Capital founder Jeff Young, Bounce co-founder Ryan, Sam Bankman-Fried, Founder and CEO of FTX Exchange, Ciara Sun, Vice President of Huobi Commerce, Cointelegraph Chinese CCO Ting, Gigi-Bestswap CMO, Coin CMO Shi Uncle, author of “Song Shuo Shuo” Jimu, in charge of Binance Taiwan Zora, Global Strategy Secretary of CyberVein Foundation Jesse, Cointelegraph Chinese Business Director Tracy, George-Lucy Labs Co-Founder/CEO, lan-EM3 Founder and TokenClub Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Investment Strategy Senior Expert Zao Shen chat with you Those things about blockchain~

On November 17, Bestswap CMO Gigi talked with Bounce co-founder Ryan, and made an in-depth analysis of DeFi and NFT projects on BSC, which visually demonstrated their value and potential.

On November 19th, Zora, the head of Binance’s Taiwan community, had a conversation with coin CMO Mr Shi & the author of “Show-hand” Ji Mu. The first issue of “Long or Short”.

On the same day, Cointelegraph Chinese Business Director Tracy talked to Jesse, Secretary General of Global Strategy of CyberVein Foundation, to discuss the close cooperation between CyberVein and DAVE Alliance, and to explain DAVE’s data processing technology in detail.

On November 21st, the market has been improving recently, how will the market go next? How should retail investors operate? The answer lies in the Zaoshen live broadcast room!

On November 20th, the “DeFi Outlook in the Era of ETH2.0” global blockchain live broadcast festival held by 499Block was held. This live broadcast festival has a strong lineup of guests and a strong international atmosphere, which can be called a live broadcast feast of the blockchain industry.

On November 23, Cointelegraph Chinese Business Director Tracy talked with BitWell Global CEO Jeff Young to explain in detail how Bitwell optimizes its digital asset derivatives platform.

On November 24, Cointelegraph Chinese co-founder and CEO Vadim talked to LinkedIn co-founder Eric Ly, about his leap from traditional media to blockchain, and discussed the significance of decentralized technology and cryptocurrency from the perspective of mainstream media And the future.

On November 26, Huobi, Amber Group, and FTX exchanges deconstructed the investment trend and revealed the behind-the-scenes story of investment institutions entering the crypto market!

On November 26th, Zora, the head of the Binance Binance Taiwan community, had a conversation with Lucy Labs Co-Founder/CEO George&EM3 Founder Ian-”Long or Short” №2.

On November 28, after the market fell sharply, were you at a loss as to how to operate? After listening to Zao Shen live broadcast, you will have a deeper understanding of the current situation~

2.TokenClub operation data

-Live broadcast data: In the past two weeks, there have been 12 live broadcasts with over 340,000 views. TokenClub held a total of 1091 live broadcasts, with a total of 51.41 million views.

-Chat data: A total of 3461 messages were generated during these two weeks of chat. About 4.96 million messages have been launched since the function.

-Game data: of cutting leek together: Since the game went online, users have participated in 1,091,568 games, total TCT consumption is about 6.29 million, total gift certificate consumption is about 18.76 million, and TCT mining total output is 177589 TCT.

-TokenClub KOL Grandma’s data: The accumulated readings of Grandma’s articles + Weibo in the past two weeks have been viewed by more than 330,000 times.

-Social media data: At present, the official Weibo account has 19507 followers and Twitter 23772 followers.

-Telegram official group data: 83 chats in the group in the past 2 weeks. The total number of Telegram official groups is currently 22125.

-Medium: Medium official account @TokenClub, official announcements and updates are published in English, welcome to follow.


1)Overseas Community

This week, we will continue to bring you more live broadcasts. In the live broadcast, we also shared the long and short situation of the current situation, the global live show of 499Block and the progress of some DeFi projects. At the same time, the activity of overseas community users remains active. Many small partners interact in the community. The TokenClub team has also received recognition and support from many friends. We suggest that we also give feedback on some suggestions from overseas communities. We will carry out more activities in the future, please pay more attention.

2)Domestic Community

The following is the content of the 66th biweekly weekly report of the "Leek Paradise" community from November 15, 2020 to November 28, 2020.After half a month, a round of small bulls and bears passed, and after all, value coins were king, and copycats were cheating money.79-80 Community ConferenceWhen everyone was full of hope that the market would hit the next high, the market fluctuated. The short-term decline poured cold water on everyone. However, many people expected this decline and made full preparations and made a profit. A wave of the Plustoken incident, which everyone knows, involved about 4.2 billion US dollars of digital currency, and became a small black swan. The pie has fallen deeper than the previous few times, but everyone must have fallen before the big market. To persevere, do not easily give up the chips in your hands, this may also be our only chance to stand up
This week, the Orange Club continues to help the promotion and publicity of TokenClub.Thanksgiving activitiesThanksgiving is ushered in this week. I would like to thank everyone in the Orange Club for their support and encouragement to the community, and I have sent the Thanksgiving red envelopes. Finally, I hope that the friends in the community will benefit from this big bull market~

This week, orange Club continued to carry out daily morning red envelope activities and publicized the live broadcast content of token club. The community is also conducting the right investment concept and strategy for everyone. In the future, sweet orange club will work harder. Finally, thank you for your long-term support and attention~

"Coin Circle Business, Create TCT World"The Tct Business Meeting will be docked with the partner institutions. The handover has been successfully completed in October. The report is as follows:"Digital Currency Diversion Service"The community has provided digital currency services to partners, and has provided service cooperation for 129 days so far. It has been completed and the cooperation has ended.3,200,000+ cumulative service fees of the partners are calculated according to the project.👏👏💶💷👏👏😎💷💷👏👏💶💶🌎🌎💶💶👏👏🍻Welcome TCT members to provide business services together and earn TCT income every month. 😍🍭Cooperative business welcome to chat💼In addition, the business association and the publicity department will establish and promote blockchain tools within December, and promote the Tct software "market function" when creating course content, so that more people can understandIf you have other cooperation, welcome to contact this community, and hope to carry forward the business nature of tct.TCT Business Conference "Coin Circle Business, Create TCT World"

TCT has been listed on Binance、Okex、、ZB-M、MXC、Biki、Coinex、BigOne、Coinbene、Cybex、SWFT、Loopring、Rootrex etc.

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