TokenClub Bi-Weekly Report — Issue 132(1.11–1.24)

Hello everyone, thank you for your continued interest and support. In the past two weeks, various tasks of TokenClub have been progressing steadily. The product development and community operation progress this week are as follows:

1. TokenClub Events

1)[World Premiere of NFT Liquidity Pool] The live broadcast was successfully held in TokenClub

On January 12th, [Cointelegraph Chinese Focus | B.TOP Joint Mining: Why is mining a better way to obtain Bitcoin? ] Successfully broadcast live on TokenClub. Speakers include BTC.TOP CEO Jiang Zhuoer, Cointelegraph Chinese CEO Vadim Krekotin.

2)Twitter analysts analyze TCT trends

Recently, the exchange rate of TCT relative to BTC has stabilized and rebounded. Overseas Twitter agencies BitcoinAgile and HxroLabs have paid attention to and analyzed the market trend of TCT.

2.TokenClub Live

1) Summary

Recently, many guests have visited the TokenClub live room. BTC.TOP CEO Jiang Zhuoer, Cointelegraph Chinese CEO Vadim Krekotin, Yesbit OTC trading director Leon, Yesbit community operation leader Cora, Coinversation fan community promoter Ericsson, Yesbit founder and CEO Tan Jian, Yesbit co-founder and COO Ye Zhu, TokenClub Commercial Director Jing Jing, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Graduate School of Finance Special Advisor Wang Binsheng, Amber Group team, Yesbit partner Estrella, Jenny (Co-founder of Blockcast), Demian Lee (Ceo of Gravitera), senior investor Long Ge, Chairman of the Board of Yesbit Company Long Jie, PARSIQ co-founder and blockchain architect Anatoly Ressin, Cointelegraph Chinese Business Director Tracy Zhang, Certik Software Engineering Director Connie Lam, Soteria Community Volunteer Yevnen, Helmet Overseas Marketing Director Orange, Cointelegraph Chinese CMO TGrace, Ballet Wallet founder and CEO Li Qiyuan, Binance New Media Marketing Manager 77, BTCST community angel Ady, MAPS.ME commercial director Tina, AXIS co-founder Maggie, and TokenClub Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Investment Strategy Senior Expert Zao Shen talk to you about the blockchain~

On January 12, Cointelegraph Chinese CEO Vadim Krekotin had a conversation with BTC.TOP CEO Jiang Zhuoer, and talked about mining and Bitcoin.

On the same day, Cora, the head of Yesbit community operations, talked to Leon, the director of Yesbit’s OTC trading, to popularize the intrinsic value of Bitcoin.

On January 13, Ericsson, the initiator of the Coinversation fan community, was a guest in the live broadcast room, focusing on the synthetic asset track on Polkadot.

On January 14, Yesbit co-founder & COO Ye Zhu talked with Wang Binsheng, a special tutor of finance at the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and talked about “the road to wealth on the blockchain”.

On the same day, the Amber Group team visited the TokenClub live broadcast room. Combined with the soaring market, the Amber Group team decrypted the “golden age” of the encrypted financial market for everyone.

On January 15, Jenny (Co-founder of Blockcast) talked to Demian Lee (Ceo of Gravitera) to introduce the media content platform GNB.

On January 16, Yesbit partner Estrella talked to Yesbit founder and CEO Blues Qin, introducing SWAPAll’s NFT+Defi mobile mining pool product.

On that day, Zaoshen came. Zaoshen analyzed the current mentality of investors in different positions and pointed out that in the financial market, the mentality of investors is particularly important.

On January 18th, Yesbit’s 5th anniversary meeting was held. During the live broadcast, many executives of Yesbit appeared in the live broadcast room to express their blessings and expectations for Yesbit.

On January 19th, Cointelegraph Chinese Business Director Tracy Zhang talked with PARSIQ co-founder and blockchain architect Anatoly Ressin to discuss the large-scale application of blockchain in cryptocurrency and DeFi.

On January 20th, Binance Taiwan Community Leader Zora spoke with Certik Software Engineering Director Connie Lam&Soteria Community Volunteer Yevnen&Helmet Overseas Marketing Director Orange, explaining the differences between the three different insurance projects and the application of insurance in the Defi field.

On January 21st, Cointelegraph Chinese CMO TGrace talked to Ballet Wallet founder and CEO Li Qiyuan to discuss the conditions required for Bitcoin to gain greater recognition in the mainstream market.

On the same day, Binance New Media Marketing Manager Qiqi talked with BTCST community angel Ady to decrypt the new game of computing power tokenization.

On the same day, Jingjing, the commercial director of TokenClub, had a conversation with Tina, the commercial director of MAPS.ME, focusing on introducing AutoNavi + Ctrip + Alipay in the blockchain field-MAPS.ME.

On January 23, Yesbit partner Estrella talked with Yesbit founder and CEO Blues Qin to teach you how to play NFT liquidity mining pool.

On that day, Zao Shen arrived as scheduled. The market was soaring and falling, Zao Shen advised everyone to maintain a good attitude and follow their own rational judgments. Finally, Zao analyzed the international financial market from current events such as Biden’s coming on stage.

2.TokenClub operation data

-Live broadcast data: In the past two weeks, there have been 19 live broadcasts with over 420,000 views. TokenClub held a total of 1139 live broadcasts, with a total of 53.60 million views.

-Chat data: A total of 2887 messages were generated during these two weeks of chat. About 4.98 million messages have been launched since the function.

-Game data: of cutting leek together: Since the game went online, users have participated in 1,132,568 games, total TCT consumption is about 6.30 million, total gift certificate consumption is about 19.33 million, and TCT mining total output is 183375 TCT.

-TokenClub KOL Grandma’s data: The accumulated readings of Grandma’s articles + Weibo in the past two weeks have been viewed by more than 370,000 times.

-Social media data: At present, the official Weibo account has 20585 followers and Twitter 21913 followers.

-Telegram official group data: 973 chats in the group in the past 2 weeks. The total number of Telegram official groups is currently 21973.

-Medium: Medium official account @TokenClub, official announcements and updates are published in English, welcome to follow.


1)Overseas Community

This week, We will continue to bring more live broadcasts. In the live broadcast, We also shared with the current hot DeFi project progress and market situation analysis, and guided the correct operation of retail investors in the bull market, including Swapall. The activity of users in overseas communities still remains active. Many small partners interact in the community. We suggest that we also give feedback on some suggestions from overseas communities. We will carry out more activities in the future, please pay more attention.

2)Domestic Community

Leek Paradise

The following is the content of the [Sweet Orange Club] Community Weekly Report from January 10th to January 23rd, 2020

This week, the Orange Club continues to help the promotion and publicity of TokenClub.

100-day fixed investment activity (Phase 3)

This week is the fifth week of the third phase of the 100-day fixed investment event. This week, after experiencing the high rise of the previous period, there has been a callback to the truth recently, and the low point has come to near 30,000 US dollars. In the short term Short positions are not strong enough, and this decline has given us an excellent opportunity to make a fixed investment. For the new friends who joined the 100-day fixed investment this time, every major correction is a good time. You only need to control your position and set If you have a good stop-loss and take-profit space, it is not difficult to find the frequency gain. Finally, I want to give my friends a suggestion. When I reach the price in my heart, I can make a profit. Avoid subsequent downturns causing profit taking. I hope that more friends can join us, so that we can obtain our wealth more rationally. The following is the list of winners of the fifth week of the third phase of the 100-day fixed vote this week, and the rewards will be sent to the winning users.

Daily activities

This week, the Orange Club will continue to carry out the daily Good Morning Red Envelope activities and promote the live broadcast of TokenClub. The community is also spreading the correct investment concepts and strategies for everyone. The Orange Club will work harder in the future. Finally, thank you all for your long-term support and attention to the Orange Club~

Wealth Freedom Academy

a. Red envelope party.

On January 16th and January 23rd, TCT Wealth and Freedom Academy organized red envelope party activities as scheduled to keep community members active. In the event, in addition to the distribution of red envelopes, small partners are also encouraged to continue to pay attention to the live broadcast of Zao Shen, and those who have the conditions can join the coin grandpa mustard circle.

b. Sign in to the lottery.

On the evening of January 10 and January 17, TCT Wealth and Freedom Academy held the 87th and 88th week sign-in lottery activities, and rewarded the generous TCTs to the small partners who insisted on signing-in. Lucky friends got TCT ranging from 20–120.

The following is the content of the 70th biweekly weekly report of the “Leek Paradise” community from January 9, 2021 to January 23, 2021.

Unknowingly, the bull market has been up for ten months. To be precise, the relatively large increase started from November last year. It has been almost four months since I bought the first three coins. In fact, the gains are quite a lot. I wonder how you feel? Are you still waiting for the old cottage to take off? Recently, the pie is squatting, and there is a high probability that it will take off after the squat, wait and see.

86–87 Community Conference

Since the beginning of the year, the market has continued to rise, the bull market is still going on, and the new year is new. As the saying goes, the bull market is not overwhelming. Everyone should hold the coins in your hand and don’t hand over the bargaining chips easily, but those small villages are not recommended to hold it. , Especially for old currencies, if there is no action recently, it will be difficult to have a chance in the future.

In the past two weeks, not only the currency circle, including the stock market, gold, etc., have had a good momentum. According to the cycle, it is still a bit early, so don’t worry, the good opportunities are all behind. Let us wait for the currency circle to become brilliant again.

Finally, the epidemic is making a comeback again. As long as we unite and work together, we will surely be able to defeat it again. Come on, Shijiazhuang, come on, China! Come on TCT! ! !

TCT has been listed on Binance、Okex、、ZB-M、MXC、Biki、Coinex、BigOne、Coinbene、Cybex、SWFT、Loopring、Rootrex etc.

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