TokenClub Bi-Weekly Report — Issue 135(2.22–3.07)

Hello everyone, thank you for your continued interest and support. In the past two weeks, various tasks of TokenClub have been progressing steadily. The product development and community operation progress this week are as follows:

1. TokenClub Events

1)TokenClub products will be optimized and upgraded

TokenClub Web and APP will revise and optimize the interface and increase the DeFi Academy section so that investors can better grasp DeFi market data, information. In order to further expand the global community, we will open an English column to support the AMA of international projects.

2)TCT performed strongly this week, attracting attention from media

Although the crypto market is in a state of turbulence recently, according to Coinmarketcap, the TCT price on March 6 hit a new high this year, reaching $0.035, and the daily trading volume reached $27.51 million. TCT has been listed as the top 5 currencies with the strongest technical trends in USDT trading pairs on Binance Exchange by the well-known cryptocurrency analysis agency DYOR. DYOR.Net is an organization that provides cryptocurrency analysis tools, with more than 25,000 Twitter followers.

In addition, Volume Alert, a well-known organization that specializes in tracking Binance’s cryptocurrency trading volume, has also noticed the very active trading volume of TCT recently. Volume Alert has 13,900 followers on Twitter.

3)Live preview

On March 8, 499block will exclusively conduct a live broadcast called Encrypted Chess Game on Girls’ Day to decrypt investment passwords. Next Tuesday noon 11:00–14:00, the special live broadcast of Tong’s friends & BitMart’s third anniversary general naming [Bull Market Outlook] will be held at TokenClub. Guests include Node Consulting CEO & Golden Finance Partner Tong Yang and other well-known coins Circle people, welcome to watch.

2.TokenClub Live

1) Summary

Recently, well-known overseas Bitcoin podcast blogger Peter McCormack, Cointelegraph Chinese co-founder and CEO Vadim Krekotin, Node Consulting CEO Golden Finance Partner Angela Tong, Polkadot ecological project party, Yesbit co-founder and COO Arthur, SwapAll founder & CEO Blues , SawpAll Feixiang Exchange investor Jiuri Hongcheng, SwapAll investor Liu Yuxing, Yesbit partner Estrella, dFuture core developer Clair, 0xAlpha (Co-founder of Deri Proyocol), Binance New Media Marketing Manager 77, Cointelegraph Chinese CSO Grace, Binance Strategic M&A Vice President Ling, Multicoin Captial Partner Mable, Odaily Planet Daily Founder and CEO Mandy, Tu-Australian Big Lion Brother BSC Community Founder Leon and TokenClub Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Investment Strategy Senior Expert Zao Shen talk to you about the blockchain~

On February 23, Angela Tong, CEO of Node Consulting, Golden Finance Partner, had a conversation with the various project parties of the Polkadot Ecosystem and brought a new column “Friends of the Shopkeeper Tong” to look forward to the future of the Polkadot Ecosystem.

On February 23, Cointelegraph Chinese co-founder and CEO Vadim Krekotin spoke with Peter McCormack, a well-known overseas Bitcoin podcast blogger, to discuss the potential of Bitcoin.

On February 24, Yesbit co-founder and COO Arthur talked to SawpAll fan Ms. Zou, and used her own personal experience to show everyone about SwapAll exchange.

On February 25th, Binance New Media Marketing Manager 77 had a conversation with Clair&0xAlpha (Co-founder of Deri Proyocol), the core developer of dFuture, to explore the opportunities of BSC in the derivatives track.

On February 25th, Cointelegraph Chinese CSO Grace talked with SwapAll founder & CEO Blues, looking forward to the application of decentralized platform.

On February 27th, Zao Shen shared with everyone in the live broadcast room as scheduled. During the live broadcast, Zao Shen confirmed to everyone that the general trend has not changed, so that everyone does not have to worry too much about the current decline in the market.

On February 27th, Yesbit co-founder and COO Arthur had a conversation with SwapAll investor Jiu Ri Hongcheng. In the live broadcast, Jiu Ri Hongcheng listed the many advantages of the SwapAll exchange.

On March 3rd, Mandy, the founder and CEO of Odaily Planet Daily, had a conversation with Mable, partner of Ling & Multicoin Captial, vice president of strategic mergers and acquisitions at Binance. In the conversation with Mandy, Ling and Mable shared the significance of Binance’s strategic investment in Multicoin and subsequent empowerment and cooperation.

On March 4th, Yesbit partner Estrella talked to SwapAll investor Liu Yuxing, to show everyone the features of SwapAll that are easier to use and zero gas fees.

On March 5th, Leon, the founder of the Tuao BSC community, was a guest on the BSC crash course to instruct novice mining players on how to safely participate in DeFi.

On March 6, Yesbit co-founder and COO Arthur talked to Yesbit founder and CEO Blues to discuss the value and future of algorithmic stablecoins.

On March 6th, Zao Shen arrived as scheduled. This week Zao Shen took you to understand the recent hot NFT market. He not only explained the NFT gameplay in detail, but also pointed out more NFT application scenarios.

3.TokenClub operation data

-Live broadcast data: In the past two weeks, there have been 12 live broadcasts with over 400,000 views. TokenClub held a total of 1197 live broadcasts, with a total of 54.44 million views.

-Chat data: A total of 2976 messages were generated during these two weeks of chat. About 4.98 million messages have been launched since the function.

-Game data: of cutting leek together: Since the game went online, users have participated in 1.13 million games, total TCT consumption is about 6.30 million, total gift certificate consumption is about 19.33 million, and TCT mining total output is 183375 TCT.

-TokenClub KOL Grandma’s data: The accumulated readings of Grandma’s articles + Weibo in the past two weeks have been viewed by more than 280,000 times.

-Social media data: At present, the official Weibo account has 21113 followers and Twitter 23066 followers.

-Telegram official group data: 1972 chats in the group in the past 2 weeks. The total number of Telegram official groups is currently 18098.

-Medium: Medium official account @TokenClub, official announcements and updates are published in English, welcome to follow.


1)Overseas Community

This week, TokenClub’s Web client was upgraded to Binance Smart Chain, and TokenClub will fully embrace DeFi. The activity of users in overseas communities still remains active. Many small partners interact in the community. We suggest that we also give feedback on some suggestions from overseas communities..

2)Domestic Community

The following is the content of the 70th weekly report of “sweet orange club” community from February 21 to March 06, 2020

This week, the orange Club continued to help the promotion and publicity of token club.

100 day fixed investment activity (phase III)

This week is the eighth week to start the third phase of 100 day fixed investment. With the rise of the pie after the new year, the highest price is over 57000 dollars, and it will be adjusted at random. At present, it is arranged around 50000 dollars. For the small partners who have fixed investment in the early stage, the income should be very good. At last, I want to give a suggestion to them. When they get to the price in mind, they can make a profit. Avoid subsequent decline, resulting in profit return. I hope more small partners can join us, so that we can get our wealth more rationally. The following is the list of winners for the eighth week of the third phase of this week’s 100 day auction, and the awards will be sent to the winners later.

Daily Activities

This week, sweet orange Club continued to carry out daily good morning red envelope activities and publicize the live content of token club. The community is also conducting correct investment concepts and strategies for everyone. In the future, the sweet orange club will work harder. Finally, thank you for your long-term support and attention to the sweet orange club~

TCT has been listed on Binance、Okex、、ZB-M、MXC、Biki、Coinex、BigOne、Coinbene、Cybex、SWFT、Loopring、Rootrex etc.

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