TokenClub Global Binary Trade Contest 2020

Activity time: 8 days

00:00 on Dec 24, 2020 to 23:59 on Dec 31, 2020

Participating users: all users

Participation methods: webpage and TokenClub Professional Edition App

Rule of activity:

From the beginning of the event, log in to TokenClub Binary Trade function, and predict the price of the currency.Within the stipulated time, the reward judgment standard is based on the total bet amount and the predicted success amount (the currency is all currencies for guessing up and down), and the statistics will be calculated and rewards will be issued after the event ends.

Guess the rise and fall rules:

1. Select the period and amount, and click on “CALL” or “PUT” to predict the trend of the coun

2. When the time expires, if the prediction is correct, you will get 8% of the predicted amount ,otherwise you will lose all the TCT

3. The price is according to the trading pairs on Binance

For example:

if you spend 100TCT to predict that BTC/USDT price will increase in 60 minutes,and the price after 60 minutes really goes higher,then you will get 80TCT award as well as the 100TCT you spent, so the total amount is 180TCT; will lose all the TCT.

Activity Award:

Total prize pool: 30,000 TCT

Total ranking reward:

First place: 7500TCT

Second place: 5000TCT

Third place: 2500TCT

Fourth place: 1500TCT

Fifth place: 1000TCT

Sixth to tenth place: 900TCT

11th to 20th place: 800TCT

Reward calculation method:

During the event, according to the total amount of bets, the top 20 users will receive the above rewards.

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